Choosing not to drink alcohol shouldn’t mean choosing to compromise.

So we created a groundbreaking beer that lets you get more from your night.

OUR Values

We believe in the power of business as a force for good.

We use the B Corporation Assessment as an independent framework to measure our social and environment impact and ensure that we hold ourselves to a very high standard.

This isn’t just talk. B corps are legally required to change their articles of incorporation to reflect this commitment.


We’re extremely proud that Freestar is better for the planet than other alcohol free beers. Our production process uses and wastes significantly less resources than traditional methods.



We’ve each been lucky enough to have had amazing professional mentors. We hope to be able to share even a small amount of those learnings by having our own mentees through the Prince’s Trust mentorship programme. 



We started Freestar to create a great tasting alcohol free beer that also gave us a seat at the table when we were taking the night off alcohol.

Gone are the days of having to drink alcohol in order to participate. It’s about choice. Choosing to drink when you want to and having a great alternative to alcohol when you don’t want to drink… 


Building a Brand

Building a Brand

Despite the high risk, as soon as we pressed go on the development of Freestar as a product, we went hell for leather on building the brand. Like anything creative, building a brand is an exercise in creating something out of nothing. The challenge got us fired up. We...

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Creating great tasting alcohol free beer is hard!

Creating great tasting alcohol free beer is hard!

Two years ago, we were bored of the bad choices when we weren’t drinking alcohol. Now here we are: three great mates writing our first blog post, feeling mighty proud as we sip on Freestar – our baby, a leap in innovation and the best alcohol free beer around. So for...

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