The three of us started Freestar to create the world’s greatest-tasting alcohol free beer.

We like a drink. We don’t like hangovers.
So far, so straightforward.

But when we decide not to drink alcohol, we still want a decent drink.

And there’s nothing out there.

Lime and Soda? Boring.
Fruity soft drinks? Too sweet.
Traditional non-alcoholic beeers? No flavour. No fun.
None of these options get us excited. They feel second best when we order them at the pub, or when we’re out for dinner.
We like a drink. We don’t like missing out.

With Freestar there’s none of the alcohol,
but there’s more of the good stuff.
More flavour. more refreshment.
More of the night (and more importantly, more of the next day).

We’ve nailed a new production process that puts flavour first.
And second.
And third.
Because not drinking alcohol is a choice that should be backed up with equally delicious, refreshing options.

We believe people should enjoy their night out on their own terms. A night off the booze is an everyday decision, like not eating meat.

We like a drink, just not always with alcohol.

So now we’ve got Freestar in the fridge alongside our favourite non-non-alcoholic beers. They’re equally enjoyable, but only one will let you experience more.

More from your dinner, your gig, your date night or yeah, your bank holiday heatwave. So you can enjoy drinking without compromise or consequence.

Freestar. Experience More.