The Freestar Free-Nil training programme

The Freestar Free-Nil training programme 

2020 has been a weird old year and you could be forgiven for feeling a little down about things. Festivals, live music and pubs all seem to be out of the question for a little while. But listen folks, all is not lost - summer’s here and the football’s back on! 

Sure, the cruel irony is that summer seemed to really kick off a few weeks ago when we were still very much on lockdown, stuck in our flats sticking our feet out of our living room windows and buying fans on Amazon. Now we’ve got a bit of movement back, the weather isn’t so glorious -  but that’s never stopped anyone enjoying footie has it? 

With the Premier League kicking off this week, we’re all going to be glued to our screens with beers in our hands. But after a three-month break from football-fuelled boozing, not everyone will be in the best drinking shape for it, and things can go a bit sideways if you don’t pace yourselves. 

So we’ve created a training programme to ease everyone back into their new sports regime - we’ve called it Free Nil, geddit? This regime, which we came up with together with some of the finest minds in sports science (that’s a lie - the three of us made this up in the Freestar Whatsapp group) is designed to use alcohol free beer to get you back in top drinking condition one Soccer Saturday at a time. Let us talk you through it real quick:

  • Super Soccer Saturday kicks off with the return of the pundits. Usually you’d be down early at the pub and a couple of pints deep, but we’re living in different times so to save from being judged by your housemates, best to start off the day with the best alcohol free beer - Freestar!
  • By the first kick off at 12.30pm, it’s time to reach for a can of alcoholic beer. We’re partial to a pale ale but whatever gets you in the football spirit goes.
  • Goal! If your team’s ahead, go on and get it down you and bask in your first football celebration for three months. Just don’t get too carried away too early...
  • Once it reaches halftime, line your stomach with some at-home pub grub to give you enough energy for the next 45. Bonus points if you have a pie or pasty in the house. Yellow card if you're three sheets to the wind already.
  • If the other team scores, fight the urge to drown your sorrows and reach for a Freestar instead - it won’t make your team play any better, but it will make sure you’ll last to see the final whistle.
  • The final whistle is blown and it’s time to raise a toast to your team - it’s been a long three months and it feels good to be reunited again on the pitch.
  • Now that the first game is finished, get on a video call with your mates and enjoy a pixelated pint together as you watch the pundits run through the post-match analysis. Thanks to those earlier Freestar’s you won’t be slurring your expert commentary.
  • If you’re in it for the full four match marathon, opt for a Freestar before the next kick off. There’s still another 270 minutes of football left!

Got it? Get to it!


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