We miss going out!

These last few months have been really rough on everyone, like, literally everyone in the world. Here at Freestar we make alcohol free beer (some would say the best alcohol free beer!) and we’re not known for our hot socio-political takes, but… isn’t it crazy - and heartbreaking - to think how this thing has brought the whole world to a standstill?

Of course, some people and industries have been at more of a standstill than others - while good old Netflix will come out of all this doing better than ever, a worldwide decision to ask people to stay in the house and not stand too close to each other has been really, really rough on bars and restaurants, whose entire business models are based on people leaving the house and standing too close to each other. 

Mutterings about an early July reopening for bars and restaurants here in the UK have offered some light at the end of the grim lockdown tunnel for everyone, and although it’s probably not going to be like the old days (don’t they feel like a distant memory?) for a little while, maybe we’ll get to spend a bit of time this summer hanging out in pub gardens after all, and for that we can be thankful.

But look - we’re not quite there yet, and a lot of our food and drink industry friends who are kind enough to stock our beers are still in the thick of it. In the past few months they’ve come up with some seriously innovative ways to keep themselves and others afloat, so we thought we’d use our modest platform to celebrate their incredible efforts...

Patty and Bun

World-beating burger geniuses Patty and Bun have been delivering DIY burger kits, meaning you can put together two of each of their famous Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson burgers in the comfort of your own home. For the very reasonable price of £25, they’ll deliver you some HG Walter beef patties, their own delicious brioche buns, a mini squeezy bottle of smokey P&B mayo, cheese slices, homemade pickled and smokey onions, and of course some pretty clear instructions on how to put it all together.

(They’re also posting burger and cocktail tutorials on their Instagram - you’ll learn a lot!)

Le Bab

When 1 million hospitality staff lost their jobs overnight, the guys at Le Bab, the team behind a true Freestar post-work favourite Maison Bab, did not stand idly by. They stepped up to the plate to launch the London Restaurant Co-Operative, a not-for-profit delivery-only restaurant that employs out-of-work hospitality staff to do all the food prep and delivery.  

All meals are only £6.50, making them way more affordable than most delivery meals, but if you add just £4 on top, They will also deliver a meal to a worker at UCL hospital, or to The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields homeless shelter. So far they’ve served well over 9000 meals to NHS workers. What a bunch of heroes. 

Missing My Local

Our canned cocktail compadres at Punchy Drinks were inspired by the hugely successful Run Five Donate Five campaign to start their own viral fundraiser. Launched with support from drinks folks like The Duppy Share, Brighton Gin, Caleno and none other than your old friends at Freestar, Missing My Local is a fun way to raise money for Hospitality Action, which supports out-of-work hospitality staff during this completely unprecedented time. 

Here’s how it works: you’ve got to post a picture of yourself enjoying a drink or meal inspired by your favourite pub or restaurant, then nominate five friends and donate £5 to the cause. It’s a great way to raise some cash, but also a fun way to shout out your favourite spots and remind them that when this is over, you’re going to be giving them as much business as possible…

And check out our instagram stories button to see a full list of bars and restaurants who have pivoted and are still operating in some form.

We miss going out!



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