We're a B Corp!

Big news! Huge, in fact! Your favourite alcohol free beer has just been certified as a B Corp

This has been something we’ve been working on since the beginning of Freestar back in 2017, and we’re super psyched that it’s finally happened. 

You might not know, so we’ll tell you: B Corps are businesses that have managed to meet the highest standards of (completely verifiable) social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Essentially, being a B Corp means you’re balancing profit and purpose, with the idea being that the more B Corps there are, the more we’ll see a shift in culture that redefines success in business as not purely profit driven.

We wanted our B Corp status because we want to build a company that we’re proud of. Because you can be as gluten free, vegan and low calorie as you like, if you’re not treating people right or respecting the environment, why bother?

We want to be transparent about our business operations and supply chain, as well as being open about how we can improve in the future. We reckon the best way we can do this is through the B Corp framework, as their tests are completely independent and super-rigorous. They make you consider every aspect of your business and make hard choices that are often not the cheapest - this is about putting our money where our mouth is! 

To become a B Corp you get scores in four areas of your business - governance, community, environment and customers. From the supply chain to charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves a business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance.

As you can see, we scored 88.4 with the bar being set at 80. We’re happy with this but keen to improve on moving forward!

For instance - the customers' section is small and while we do the basics well, such as refunding or replacing any damaged goods and having our WhatsApp number on our bottle for feedback, we need to do more. We recently launched a 50% discount for life for NHS workers and as we start to grow, we hope this is the start of being able to give back to communities that are under-served or under-appreciated.

For now - we’re just very excited to join the list of really amazing companies operating as B Corps: Patagonia, The Body Shop, Innocent, Proper, Bulb, Cook and of course the mighty Ben and Jerrys are all on board. It’s very cool to be on a team with companies of that calibre, trying to build a world of reduced inequality, lower poverty levels, healthier environment, stronger communities, and more high quality jobs. 

In the spirit of B Corps’ good vibes, please let us know how you reckon we’re doing - email us at more@freestar.co or drop us a line on our WhatsApp 07783216481, we’d love to know what you think!