We've rebranded!

We spent lockdown doing the things you never have time to do as a start up - looking at our values as a business, our personality, our core messages - all the things that make up our identity. It was really revealing and in the end we realised we had a job to do. 
We loved our old look (huge props to Alex and Joe of Cece Studio for the original Freestar) but it was super clean and stripped back and with the category getting more and more competitive we felt we could do a better job in telling people what we were about and why we were different. 
So we challenged London creative dons Anyways to design us an identity that could take cues from the world of beer but put a fresh, new twist on them to create a brand that feels both bold and iconic.
In fact Anyways articulated the design process really nicely on their site so we're going to let them do the talking: 

Below is from Anyways case study (found here)

Blazing a trail. Unlike the classic 5-pointed 'beer star' icon, which is seen across dozens of well-known beer brands, the Freestar identity centres around a shooting star. This 8-pointed star uses negative space to visually move against the grain and blaze its own trail - as if we’ve taken the norms of beer and thrown them in a new direction. It’s constantly adapting to the space it occupies - bouncing in new directions to create playful graphic paths.
Mixing things up. Rather than live in the ‘blue’ alcohol-free world, the Freestar world is a vibrant red. It takes cues from traditional beer but is updated to be more punchy and fruity, helping it to stand out on shelf and pop in digital spaces. The logomark combines the shooting star icon with a confident, bold wordmark - which we crafted with star-point indents to add character and reflect the Freestar brand personality.
Freestar's visual language. We designed the shooting star to take its own path, creating dynamic compositions and including bold typography along different trails. We created an adaptable design language to work across all of Freestar's touch point - from social media, to beer mats at the pub.
This is us writing now: 
And the end result Anyways produced is absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ... in our not so humble opinion.
Hope you love it as much as we do! 
Charlie, Eddy and Felix