MADE better

Choosing not to drink alcohol shouldn’t mean choosing to compromise. So we created a ground-breaking beer that lets you get more from your night.

Freestar is the first alcohol free beer made by an alcohol free process. To do so, we knew we had to create a great tasting beer that happened to be alcohol free. That meant doing things differently.


Rather than brew beer only to remove alcohol, we start with the same ingredients as beer – hops, malt, water – except yeast, which is what ferments into alcohol.

We blend those three ingredients together with other natural ingredients to create a full flavoured beer, 100% alcohol free. Not only does this process deliver a better taste, it also uses 80% less water and creates 70% less waste than other methods.


62 Calories


Gluten Free


*Despite Freestar being Gluten Free, it contains trace elements of malted barley, which is an allergen