How We Make Our Beer

We’ve nailed a new production process that puts flavour first. And second. And third. So our beer is bank-holiday-heatwave-grab-your-mates-and-hit-the-park delicious.Traditional alcohol free beers are made by stripping out alcohol from regular strength beer. Whether by boiling it off or filtering it out, the process is destructive and also removes flavour.


With Freestar we remove nothing so all the flavour stays in the beer. It’s a pioneering process and it took us nearly two years to perfect the precise blend of natural ingredients

We started off by identifying our favourite flavours that exist in beer: hops, bitterness, floral notes, citrus. Then we sourced those natural ingredients and precisely blended them together to create a delicious, refreshing lager that happens to be alcohol free.

That’s why we call Freestar an alcohol free beer, because it’s not missing anything.