Our Values

B Corp is a global community of businesses that believe in more than just making money. It is a commitment to running a responsible business, rigorously measured and assessed across 4 categories:

  • Community
  • Environment
  • People
  • Governance

We use the B Corporation Assessment as an independent framework to measure our social and environmental impact and to hold ourselves accountable.

There are now more than 2,300 B Corporations across more than 65 countries globally from big, familiar brands like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Patagonia, to small start-ups like us and the movement continues to grow rapidly.

Membership of B Corp is extremely difficult and only achieved with a total score of 80, across those 4 categories. Beyond good business practice, it forces us to make choices for the business that may not be the best from a purely financial perspective (e.g. using recyclable packaging that is more expensive than the non-recyclable alternative).

It’s important to point out that we’re not yet certified, just pending. But if we pass the test, we would be the youngest B Corp in the UK, which is something we would be very proud of. Keep an eye on this page as we’ll continuously strive to improve all aspects of Freestar that contribute to our impact as business.

Find out more at https://bcorporation.net/


We’re constantly trying to minimise our impact on the world by making sustainable and long term choices with our packaging. We’ve got still some work to do but below you can see our efforts so far.


Made from 40% recycled glass and

100% recyclable


Newly made from polypropylene,

100% recyclable


Made from 100% recycled

paper and 100% recyclable


We’ve been lucky enough to have had incredible mentors during our professional lives.

We hope to be able to share even a tiny drop of those learnings by having our own mentees through the princes trust mentorship programme.

Every Freestar employee is encouraged to sign up to the program or one of their choosing.


About the Prince’s Trust

  • The Trust supported 57,667 individual young people last year.
  • 3 in 4 young people supported by The Prince’s Trust move into work, education or training, after completing a Trust program.


Find out more at The Prince’s Trust