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Beyond beer

Everyone says it, but we promise that we really do believe that a good business should do good things. We started Freestar to make a positive impact, and we promise that we’re looking for ways to do better all the time. 

We made an alcohol-free beer that emits 90% less Co2, uses 80% less energy, uses 80% less water and ends up with 70% less waste than normal alcohol-free beer production - we’re super proud of those stats! Now we’re trying to maintain that level of good vibes across our whole business and be as transparent with you as we can about everything we get up to. 

Update June 2020 - Big news! Huge, in fact! Your favourite alcohol free beer has just been certified as a B Corp! 

When you become a B Corp, you join a global community of businesses that believe in more than just the almighty dollar. As a B Corp, we’re committing to running a responsible, friendly business that you could take home to meet your mum and that will get assessed every year across 4 different areas: 

  • Community
  • Environment
  • People
  • Governance 

There are more than 2300 B Corps across more than 65 countries so far. Big hitters like Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia are part of the team, and there are plenty of little guys like us involved too. We’re psyched to be on board!

At the moment, we’re just three guys in London trying to make a bit of a difference but becoming a B Corp is the best way to hold ourselves accountable so that if we do one day turn this into a successful business we know that we're not having having a negative impact on the planet or the community.  


Find out more about B Corp here.


Read our supplier code of conduct here
Read our policy on ethical trading here 

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