Hi! We’re Felix, Eddy and Charlie. 

We met about ten years ago when we all lived in New York, but we’re Londoners really.

Back in 2017, the three of us found ourselves in a pub on a Tuesday night. We had stuff to do that week so we didn’t want to drink any booze, but we still wanted to hang out and shoot the breeze with each other, as always. 

We found ourselves weighing up our alcohol-free options that evening. It only took a minute or two for us to agree that the boozeless staples in bars and pubs are no good: lime and soda tastes of almost nothing, most soft drinks are bad for you and it’s no fun to go into a licensed establishment just to drink a glass of water. 

We wanted a drink that tasted great, a drink that we’d be proud to hold in our hands and a drink we could session with our mates. And in that moment, in that pub, on that Tuesday evening, we wanted a drink that had no alcohol in it.

All we wanted was a great tasting drink that was right for that moment. 

That didn’t exist so in short the three of us decided to make it ourselves. We take all the best elements of our favourite after-work, switch-off-and-kick-back drink (beer!) and create something new and equally refreshing, without alcohol. We’re not brewers and we never have been. We didn’t have any preconceived ideas about how we were going to do this, so we came up with a new way of thinking about this whole thing: why not create delicious alcohol-free alternatives without worrying about how the original alcoholic drinks are made? 

This way of doing things gives us the freedom to create a range of drinks unshackled by heritage, category or - crucially - alcohol. We’re calling this approach next generation drinking. Next generation drinking is our way of getting rid of old rules around ‘drinking’...or not. So we can get to the point where people just have what they want when they want it, free from any kind of pressure. 

The first drink we’ve come up with is Freestar, a completely alcohol-free beer with a citrus hit that helps you get the most out of whatever you’re up to, no matter what you’ve got on the next day.

What’s next? We’ve got all kinds of plans, keep an eye out.