We made Freestar because we wanted to give people a real choice. Three years ago the three of us found ourselves together in a pub on a Tuesday night. We were busy guys with stuff to do that week (we’re still busy guys with stuff to do) so we didn’t want to drink any booze, but we were still up for hanging out and shooting the breeze together. 

We found ourselves weighing up our beverage options that evening. It only took a minute or two for us to agree that the boozeless staples in bars and pubs are no good: lime and soda tastes of almost nothing and most soft drinks are bad for you in almost every conceivable way. 

We just wanted a beer, you know? 

We wanted the choice of a beer that tasted great, a beer that we’d be proud to hold in our hands and a beer we could session with our mates. We just didn’t want any alcohol in it right then and there. 

We know you’re busy too, so we’ll skip a few plot points in the story (2 full years of research, 400 recipes, the agonising decision to quit our day jobs etc) and tell you that eventually we came up with Freestar, a completely alcohol-free beer that lets you get the most out of hanging with your friends, no matter what you’ve got on the next day. It also happens to taste so good it won an award.

Freestar. Experience More.