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We Make Our Beer Differently

Freestar is the first ever beer to use a blending technique to combine the flavours of our ingredients (as opposed to brewing them). We use the same lead characters that you'll find in a brewed beer - hops for floral aromatics and citrussy freshness and malted barley for the biscuity body and base - but we also add a banging mix of high quality, hand selected natural ingredients to build up the flavour complexity. No one has ever done this before so we're pretty proud about how great it tastes and how efficient it is, emitting 90% less CO2 than the industry standard. Check it out below👇

Phase 1.

Natural Ingredients

We start by hand selecting a banging mix of high quality natural ingredients. The stars of the show are super clean water, two citrussy hop varieties, and a biscuity malted barley.

Phase 2.

Timing is Everything

It took us 2 years to get the recipe right so this is probably the nerdiest bit. Each ingredient goes in one by one in a specific order and at a precise dosage. 🤓

Phase 3.

Blending (not brewing)

No yeast = no fermentation = no alcohol. Because why would we want alcohol in our alcohol free beer? So instead of brewing we blend the mixture and that’s where the magic happens.

Better for flavour, better for the planet

This is the first ever beer made this way! It tastes great and it’s crazy efficient. Our unique process emits 90% less Co2 than the industry average!

Phase 4.

Filtration, Carbonation and Filling

Sounds fancy but really it just means we get rid of any barley and hop pulp, add some bubbles and bang it in the bottle, can or keg.


Award Winning Alcohol Free Beer

Our World Beer Award winning beer is born. It’s a light, refreshing IPA-style lager with a crisp citrus edge. Cheers 🍻

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