Best alcohol free beer poured

Freestar began with the idea that you should be able to create a better alcohol free beer without first producing and then removing alcohol.

Better for flavour and
better for the planet.

Despite the logic it had never been done before and if we knew how hard it was going to be, we probably wouldn’t have done it.

But making good beer is hard no matter how you do it. Different beers have different methods but traditionally they have been made the same way: by removing alcohol from full strength beer. The problem is that alcohol contains thousands of complex flavour compounds that are lost during de-alcoholisation so it is always going to be an exercise in damage limitation.It is also an inefficient use of water and energy as it can take up to 10 pints of water to create 1 pint of beer and that didn’t make sense to us.

So, to make Freestar, we take the same ingredients you find in beer: malted barley, hops and water; we don’t use yeast, which is what ferments into alcohol. Instead we blend our base with other natural ingredients to build up the full and complex flavour.

It took us 2 years and 400 recipes but in March 2019, we made the breakthrough and launched Freestar.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley (Gluten Free), Perle Hops & other natural ingredients. 

Gluten content = Less than 10ppm